Thanks for the shout out about my piece up on Inner Life.

Living in the New Now

There’s never going to be a New Normal


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Another great piece. Something tells me you’ll appreciate this: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrdyNgNpvOJ/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

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What this Woke therapy tells me is that in certain parts of the country, they have won in every sector of society and are consolidating their influence as their Bolshevik predecessors did after 1917. Education is one way they do it: therapy is another. And Americans will happily bend the knee and bend it well it seems: God forbid somebody calls them a racist. The sheepishness of these people getting Woke therapy and accepting that tripe hook, line and sinker is shocking. I wish it was surprising.

These places have ceased to be the United States as most people think of it and are basically provinces of an emergent Wokelandia in all but name. This is not the America of 1776 - to use the term from your previous article - any more than Shaka Zulu was the king of England. They have won. Those who disagree will soon have to think about leaving the country, as the White Russians did. It's that or ideological surrender.

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Awesome series of essays packaged into a single letter!

The discussion about borderline abusive classes reminds me of a recent conversation I had about an life drawing art prof from 20 years ago. My friend compare that course to Bullshido martial arts schools - sometimes the delusion of greatness can come first. “She made us believe we could draw and holy shit we did.”

Question about the banality of today. I’ve gotten into surfing internet archive and project Gutenberg. I love public domain but there’s a lot of kruft, even among the items that survived the 85+ years to make it to feeedom. Maybe mass banality is just the nature of living in the slow crawling present?

Agreed about the weird hang wringing over the great resignation. People aren’t not working, they just aren’t as willing to sacrifice themselves for their job. It might not be pleasant for employers who have relied upon workers identifying with their offices, but it’s time bosses grew up too.

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