Interesting thoughts about your political proclivities possibly shifting. I’m going though a similar figuring at the same time. I still lean liberal left but most of my opinion sources are center right (Dispatch, Bulwark) - partly because I like to be challenged and partly cause I might be tiring of all the structural critiques and appreciate messages of personal responsibility (especially when wielded against the whiny online right).

I guess you could call me somewhat in line with John McWhorter or Thomas Chatterton Williams.

I’m still the second most liberal person in my government agency, but I got the impression that I’d be considered an unredeemable apostate by the Twitter left.

As for the ungodly amount of money we spend on war implements (for good or ill) my personal metric is the $42M construction cost for a 70,000 square feet college of education building that I managed for the past 5 years. Every time I hear something like “this missile costs $18m” I now think “damn, that’s almost half of my building!”

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Off topic wishing to remind you what happens at the 2/3 mark exactly in Mgster Ludi. It is that Knecht shows to be a persuasive writer. Out of 20 years of including history in his private studies delivers the other Mgsters a critique really sympathetic to the game players but as if Nassim Taleb saying they donot have dogs in the game. Must be that some new theme comes out in a Bach fugue at the 66 percent mark because : the formalism. I just bet after that mark that Knecht gets in real trouble. Like a detective in a TV show. It was how it was in Manns Magic Mountn the Kid gets a b r oken heart and goes off to wage war. After my day job i will be listening toLudi reading abt Ronan Farrow thanks.

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